Tri Delta

Beta Pi at University of California, Davis

Chapter Officers

Daisy Corona

Chapter President

Hi everyone! I'm Daisy and I'm a third year Political Science and Spanish student. Aside from Tri Delta, I am involved in the Pre-Law Association at UC Davis and Joshua's House, a hospice for the homeless. After college I plan on going to law school, volunteering abroad, and eventually becoming an estate planning attorney or working in public service. I feel so lucky to lead such inspiring women in an organization that has allowed me to grow so much, learn important lessons, and make amazing memories with my best friends!

MacKenzie LeMunyan

Vice President, Public Relations

Hello hello! Welcome to UCD Tridelta's website :) My name is Mackenzie and I help run this website and all other public relations matters. Other than being involved in Tri Delta, I am on the Campus Judicial Board! I'm from Huntington Beach, California and love the ocean! I've had an amazing three years in Davis with such a supportive sisterhood. If there's one thing I love about Tri Delta, is that we're such a diverse group of ladies filled with ambition and compassion.

Hannah Bottin

Vice President, Membership

Hey all! My name is Hannah and I am a third year at UC Davis. I study Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior and am currently on track to become an anesthetist. I currently work on campus for Mobility Assistance Services. In my free time, I love running long distance and or sitting down to read a good book. I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend Davis and join Tri-Delta. There is always someone there for you to give you support or to have a good time with. It has given me my best friends and craziest memories and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

Sabrina Bloch

Chapter Correspondent

I’m a first year Human development major with an Education minor. I love children and I hope to be an elementary school teacher when I graduate! I’m from Los Angeles and although I miss going to Melrose and the beach, Davis has really become my home away for home. When I’m not studying you can find me at one of Davis’ many boba shops feeding my addiction. I’m so thankful for Tri Delta for giving me my best friends, craziest memories, and so many fun experiences!

Ashlyn Boardman

Academic Chair

My name is Ashlyn Boardman and I am a third year pharmaceutical chemistry major. As of right now my plan after undergrad is to go to school to be a physician’s assistant. In my free time you could find me at the beach, taking a nap, playing with dogs, or at a country concert. Joining Tri Delta has been such an amazing experience that has brought me to some of my closest friends and made me fall absolutely in love with St. Jude. I’m so excited to help girls with academics because after all that’s what we’re all here for in the first place!

Sarah Brennan

Vice President, Finances

My name is Sarah Brennan. I am a second year International Relations student on the Global Environment track. Eventually I want to work for a NGO pursuing environmental justice but for now I’m enjoying my years at Davis before being out there in the real world. I babysit for two families, am part of Joshua's house club on campus and love hanging out or helping out my sisters in my free time. I fell in love with Tri Delta on philanthropy night and continue to constantly as I learn more about the organization and my inspiring sisters in it. I am honored to serve as VPF in our wonderful Beta Pi chapter this year!

Jenna Koermer

Social Chair

Hey everyone! I’m Jenna and am a second year at UC Davis studying Mechanical Engineering (with the hopes of becoming a Design Engineer). During my free time, you can catch me on spontaneous adventures with friends, hanging out at the beach, exploring new places to eat, or jamming out to music. Although I’m a SoCal girl at heart, I am happy to call Davis my home away from home. I truly can’t imagine my collegiate experience thus far without Tri Delta. It has allowed me to make the best of friends and the most amazing and fun memories with them. This chapter has given me more than I could’ve ever imagined - endless love and support, along with some of the most driven and passionate women I have come to know!

Kate Aguilar

Vice President, Chapter Development

My name is Kate Aguilar and I am a second year English major and a minor in education. I plan on earning my masters degree and credentials to teach whichever grade I end up choosing! I hope to make a difference in students lives at school the way my teachers did for me to end up at Davis

Madelyn Tassiello

Song Chair

I’m a second year Environmental Science and Management major. I’m from San Diego, so Davis is kind of a change of scenery for me. I love the beach but since you can’t find that in our little cowtown, I’m usually studying at Philz. Joining Tridelta has given me the best memories, craziest experiences, and forever friends. I’m so excited for the future and all of the fun songs we’ll be singing.

Kylie Wright

New Member Educator

Hey everyone! I’m Kylie Wright, I am a second year Environmental Policy and Political Science double major with big plans to save the world one piece of legislation at a time! I spend most of my time working at the CoHo and catching up with friends! Since joining Tri Delta I have found my true self and an inner confidence I never thought I would have. I wouldn’t be who I am today without my lovely sisters or all our wild experiences!

Noelle Candelaria

Philanthropy Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Noelle Candelaria and I am currently a third year Human Development major here at UC Davis. I am involved with a number of other things outside of Tri Delta as I serve on board of an on campus club known as MEDLIFE and will be starting another board position within Joshua’a Hospice House for the homeless population of Sacramento. I am striving towards becoming a pediatric PA, so working so closely with St. Jude is literally a dream come true. I am so honored to lead my chapter towards success in all that we do for the children of St. Jude through spreading my personal passion surrounding the cause. I am surrounded by such beautiful and supportive women within this position as I am always able to rely on each and everyone of them for anything I may need. Tri Delta has become a huge part of me and I hope to carry that on through my future work and endeavors with my future goals.

Anna Biosca

Reference Chair

Hi there! My name is Anna I am a third year biological science major and dance and theatre minor at UC David. After I graduate I plan on going to medical school to become a pediatric. My two biggest passions are to help children and dance. Being a member of tridelta has allowed me to become a part of such a great cause and I am extremely grateful. I want to continue to make a difference in children’s lives that’s why I chose pediatrics. I am also a member of the Davis Ballet Company and perform with my team at different events. I am very excited to be part of the recruitment team because after all it is what brought me to tridelta.

Iona Joseph


Hey guys! My name is Iona Joseph and I’m a freshman here at UC Davis. I’m majoring in Viticulture and Enology. In my free time, I love going on adventures with my friends, baking, or reading. I couldn’t be more excited to be in Tri Delta, and I’m so grateful for all of the wonderful friends I’ve made and for all of the memories to come!

Michelle Au-Yeung

Vice President, Administration

My name is Michelle and I’m a junior at UC Davis. I’m an Environmental Science and Management major with a minor in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. I would like to work in environmental policy and protect our natural resources one day. I enjoy baking sweets, watching sports, and traveling in my free time and joining Tri Delta has given me so many friends to do those activities with! The constant support and love I receive from sisters is like no other and why everyone should go Greek!

Shelby Easler

Activities Chair

My name is shelby, and I’m a first year here at UC Davis! I plan on double majoring in communications and psychology, and minoring in managerial economics! I plan to later get my MBA, and go to graduate school, resulting in some sort of corporate intervention as my career choice. You can find me going on spontaneous adventures with my friends, racing cars, playing sports, and hanging out with my dog. Joining tri delta has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Having a constant support system has changed my perspective on life as a whole. I love my sisters, they’ll always have my back and I will always have theirs.

Sarah Gatie

Internal Social Chair

Hey guys! My names Sarah Gatie I’m a second year Managerial Economics Major with minors in Statistics, Psychology, and Political Science. I love to hang out on the quad with friends and volunteer at the local horse rehabilitation center in my free time. After college, I hope to join the Peace Corps and eventually pursue a masters in Public Policy. I love Tri Delta because it was the first place where I felt comfortable when coming to college. The girls are so friendly and kind, helping making my college experience one I’ll never forget!

Mitzi Sanchez

3D Body Image Coordinator

Hellooo Buddies!! My name is Mitzi Sanchez and I am a first year Animal Biology Major! I love hanging out with my friends and I strive to spread as much positivity as I can! I am so blessed to have so many amazing people who constantly remind me just how lucky I am to be in Tri Delta. As 3D Body Image Coordinator my goal is to spread body positivity and to remind girls just how special they are! We all have insecurities but instead of focusing on those insecurities I try to motivate strong powerful women to see just how beautiful they are inside and out and how there is so much more than appearance. My position allows me to keep in touch and push for wellness in my chapter and I hope other chapters as well! I love Davis and all the opportunities it's given me!!

Rylee Brown

Panhellenic Delegate

My name is Rylee, I am a first year and I am studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology here at UC Davis, with a music minor. I am currently in the UC Davis winter concert band and have been performing in band since I was in 6th grade. I, apart from my love for music, have the dream of attending medical school and becoming an oncologist after my years at Davis. Helping people who are diagnosed with any form of cancer is one of the biggest goals in my life.

Jaspreet Ghuman

New Member Educator Assistant

My name is Jaspreet Ghuman I’m a second year NPB major but transferring to human development! After college my plan is go to into the heath field preferably dental! I value the work that dentist do and the confidence that they give to many people, I hope one day I deliver and help with that. I spend most of time hanging out with friends, doing spontaneous travels, or at my dental internship! Davis wasn’t always my first choice but joining tridelta and meeting all these amazing people has made me become a better version of myself and truly made my college experience so far unforgettable!

Isabella Sanchez

Risk Management

I am currently a second year Biological Sciences major here at UC Davis. In my free time I love to spend time with my friends trying out new places to eat, traveling/exploring new places around me, and doing lab work. Although I am from Redondo Beach in SoCal, I have fallen in love with Davis especially through the beauty of the people and the scenery. This is my first year in Tri Delt and it's safe to say, these girls are my home away from home. I love being there for my family and since these girls are apart of it, I do everything I can as Risk Management Chair to make sure they are taken care of.

Paige Kaufman


What's up everyone! My name is Paige Kaufman and I am a first year Genetics/Genomics major and Art History minor. Someday I hope to pursue a career in health care as I am passionate about helping others! When I'm not at school you can find me at the beach, hiking, or hanging out with my dog. Being a part of Tri Delta has given me amazing friends and some of my best memories in college! I am so grateful to this organization for all it has given me and am so glad to be able to give back through my role as secretary.

Annalise Gushue

Collegiate Alumnae Relations

Hello! My name is Annalise and I am a third year Plant Science student with an emphasis in plant genetics. Outside of my studies, I work in Sean Collins Lab on campus researching cell signaling and write for my blog, sixgardens. I love art, piano, cooking, tending to my houseplants, and endless conversation with the amazing friends I have found in Tri Delta. After college, I want to pursue a PhD in plant genetics and study the development of crops that are well-suited for changing climate conditions.

Priscilla Ohnmacht

House Manager

Hi everyone! My name is Priscilla Ohnmacht and I am a Junior Transfer double majoring in Psychology & Communications. My dream is to not only continue giving back to my community, but to also improve the quality of the lives of others. I plan on enlisting in the United States Air Force and in following, plan to earn my Psy.D in Clinical Psychology. I truly believe that everyone deserves to be heard and validated; therefore, my motivation is to fight for those who can’t. In my free time, you can find me training for spartan races, doing community service, eating, doing martial arts, or just having quality time with family and friends! Tri Delta is comprised of strong, educated, and loyal women and every single person has cleared a path for me to walk on. I didn’t realize how much I needed one letter in my life and for that, I am forever grateful.

Katie Petersen

Licensing Chair

Hey I’m Katie Petersen and I’m a second year Design and Managerial Economics major. My goals and plans for the future are always changing, but I really want to grow my photography business while I continue to explore future possibilities. Some of my favorite things to do are go hiking, backpacking, and basically anything outside. I love traveling and can’t wait for many new adventures this summer. Tri Delta has made my experience here at Davis truly amazing. I have met so many wonderful girls who are caring and beautiful, inside and out.

Hailey Webster

Sustainability Chair

Hello! My name is Hailey Webster and I am a first year Political Science Major as well as Sustainability Chair! Originally from SoCal, I have found my home for the next four years in Davis and forever in Tri Delta! At any given moment you can find me running slowly around Davis, hammocking in creative places, pointing out every dog I see, or checking out a new coffee shop. This sorority has given me so many friends, opportunities, and memories to cherish forever. I am so excited to give back to Tri Delta by working on developing this position and give back to the Earth by promoting environmental consciousness!

Erin Carney

Assistant Philanthropy Chair

Hi there! My name is Erin Carney and I’m a second year genetics major at UC Davis. This is my first year in Tri Delta but I have fallen in love with the people and what we strive for as sisters. The main thing that drew me to Tri Delta was the philanthropy we support, St. Jude’s. I’m honored to work along side these lovely ladies in support of a cause that’s so amazing. After college, I hope to get my Masters and continue on a career path of genetic counseling for those with mutations that predispose them to certain diseases.

Sami Scarcello

Continuing Education Chair

Hello! I'm Sami and I am a 2nd year Environmental Policy Major and Economics Minor. Whether I'm back home in San Diego or here in Davis it's very likely that I'm working with kids either at a camp or as a nanny. I'm actually one of those few weird people who prefers Davis over SoCal because I absolutely love the atmosphere of our little college town. No matter where I am though I know that I have my closest friends from Tri Delta that I can always count on.

Sami Thomas

Sponsor Chair

I’m a 3rd year Animal Science Major and it’s my 3rd year as a tridelt. In my free time here, I intern with the YSPCA to aid in dog adoptions and work at the VMTH. I also love to eat pizza and ice cream while watching Game of Thrones. As sponsor chair of Tridelta, I assist with the transition of the new member to the active by planning an assortment of events, including Big/ Little Reveal. Tridelta has truly made my experience here at Davis by providing me with lifelong friends and a foundation for success in my near future

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